In 1920, The Women's Club of Trinity Church established The Christmas Shop as a fundraising event to benefit the Wilmington community. The first of its kind, our event has served as a model for similar shops throughout the country. Just since 1999, The Christmas Shop Foundation has donated more than $1,000,000 to 130 charitable organizations in Delaware.

The Christmas Shop was originally held in the showroom of the Wilmington Auto Company, now the Nemours Building. In 1924, the event moved to the Gold Ballroom of the Hotel du Pont, and in 1983, to the DuPont Country Club. The Christmas Shop was incorporated in 1952. In 1983, we became a community organization independent of Trinity Church, and a formal grant program was adopted in 1986.

In 2003, in order to heighten community awareness of our fundraising efforts, our organization was re-named The Christmas Shop Foundation, and a formal mission statement was adopted. The Perfect Gift was introduced as the name of our premier fundraising event.

As The Christmas Shop Foundation celebrates over 90 years, it has never faltered from its place as a viable organization in the community, and it continues its commitment to enriching lives and helping people in need throughout the state.

The Christmas Shop Foundation is an independent volunteer organization committed to improving the Delaware community by raising funds for a variety of non-profit programs that enrich lives and help people in need.


Board of Trustees


Pam Biddle*
Nancy Buker
Marian Cottrell 
Kim Davis
Barb Dewson*

Candy DiSabatino 
Jane Gibson 
Paula Grant 
Susan Kelley 
Kristy Mottola 

Cynthia Pritchard
Zig Shields
Katie Skrobot  
Vicki Winton 


* Co-Chairmen

Committee Members


Marie Abernathy
Phyllis Aerenson
Koleen Aulen
Peggy Babiarz
Chris Barker
Toni Battaglia
Carole Beane
Suzanne Bigler
Melissa Bilek
Lynn Bouscaren
Jennifer Gimler Brady
Allison Brokaw
Roseanne Brown
Nancy Buker
Amanda Calabro
Linda Caulkins
Mary Jo Chandler
Mary Christopher
Joan Connolly
Katy Conolly
Roseanne Cox
Susan Coulby
Lee Davis
Lisa Davis
Kate DeMeo

Susan DiPietro
Chris Ditzler
Chris Doordan
Debbi Ellis
Mary Jo Fidance
Christy Fleming
June Francella
Lisa Frankel
Winkie Gummey
Woodley Habgood
Michele Harra
Connie Henke
Sue Herst
Jennifer Hopkins
Alice Ivy
Maria Jogani
Brenda Krammes
Andy Laughlin
Karly Laughlin
Kristen Laughlin
Jennifer Lee
Ann Liarakos
Liza Morton
Carolyn Murphy
Kristin Muzik

Christine Okoniewski
Judy Orth
Ellen Riley
Louise Roselle
Mary Ann Santora
Jenny Sears
Jo Ann Sears
Ellen Semple
Carroll Shannon
Kelly Silliman
Mimi Sparks
Patrice Sysco
Marina Tarlov
Emily Tepe
Cameron Uebler
Janice VanSant
Missy Veghte
Sally Veghte
Mary Warren
Gaylene Webster
Amanda Welshmer
Noreen West
Diane Whittaker
Cindy Wilkinson
Cathy Ziccarelli