The Perfect Gift will return in 2014, but still needs your support this year.

We’re building a better Christmas Shop!

We’re using the 2013 holiday season to rethink, retool and refresh how we do things in order to come back better than ever. But our beneficiaries can’t “wait till next year.” Your generous support enables us to help more and do more, today and every day. That’s why the need for donations is more critical than ever.

Please keep us on your gift list

In 2012–2013, we supported more than 60 charitable organizations. The Christmas Shop Foundation, Inc., is an independent, volunteer organization committed to improving the Delaware community by raising funds for a variety of nonprofit programs that enrich lives and help people in need.

Help us continue our mission!

Celebrating our 93rd year, we are the oldest event of our kind in the U.S. This year we are relying on private and corporate donations to help fund the financial requests. We have already made great progress, but to continue our vital work, we need your support. The Christmas Shop Foundation, Inc., hopes you will join us in helping local people in need!